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The Death and Life of the “Private Practice Physician”

BUSINESS The Death and Life of the “Private Practice Physician” Is the “private-practice physician” life dead? Around three out of four…

A $300M Company that Offers Little Value

Metabolic health company Levels raised $38M in Series A funding at a $300M valuation. Despite its grandiose valuation, I think the company offers…

Nurse Practitioner Independence

New York officially granted nurse practitioners (NPs) Full Practice Authority (FPA), allowing them to provide a wide range of services without supervision….

The Netflix of Antibiotics

The UK plans to use a subscription-based model for Pfizer and Shionogi to increase the supply of their powerful antibiotics. The government…

What’s Next for Digital Health?

A new Rock Health report shows that digital health funding in Q1 2022 slowed down compared to the previous quarter. Is venture…

Optum Acquires LHC Group for $5.4B

UnitedHealth Group subsidiary Optum will acquire home health and hospice company LHC Group for $5.4B. The acquisition highlights a growing…

U.S. Healthcare Spending 2021

National healthcare expenditures (NHE) are expected to have grown 4.2% in 2021 compared to 9.7% in 2020, a major slowdown in healthcare…

Healthcare Q1 ’22 Recap

Business Mark Cuban’s New Pharmacy Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy offering common, life-saving medications that are half the price compared to…