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Welcome to I Hate it Here, a safe space for jaded, overworked and emotionally burned out HR/People Operations professionals who need a little inspiration to tackle the newest dumpster fire of the week.

I Hate it Here is a weekly newsletter by People Leader veteran Hebba Youssef. Each week, Hebba will deliver insights, learnings, and advice on how to build companies and cultures that people actually love.

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This situation happens to us all. One of your employees enters your office and starts rambling about a new idea….

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I’ll let you in on a very personal secret of mine: I’m afraid of someday becoming a mom.  Not only…

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As I have grown my career as a leader, I’ve generally adhered to the philosophy of Servant Leadership. This approach…

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The first panic attack I had was because of work.  I remember being so scared and not understanding what was…

Do your employees trust their HR team?

Did you know that 78% of employees trust their employer?   If your reaction to that stat was no effing way……

Building Trust in the Workplace: A Leader’s Guide

Trust is the foundation for success on any team. It’s the first step in creating a healthy organization and will…

Unlocking Key Components of Employee Retention

Running a business or team is a juggling act. You have a lot of balls and bowling pins to keep…