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Hospitalogy News Round-up: $27 Billion Health System Merger

Today we’re covering Advocate’s $27 billion merger with Atrium, Optum’s strategy with SCA, and Envision Healthcare’s recent woes.

Breaking down physician enablement care platforms

This week, I’m diving into the care platform landscape. Specifically, what pain points are Privia, ApolloMed, agilon, and P3 Health...

The end of the travel nurse saga

End of the travel nurse saga, why I think there isn’t a public digital health bubble, and this week’s M&A,...

The Current State of Hospitals

Breaking down the current state of hospitals and the dynamics affecting the larger hospital operators - and what that means...

Teladoc Plummets

This week in healthcare: Teladoc loses $6.6 billion in Q1 and the broader health tech implications, why I’m watching staffing...

The Future of Physician Employment and the Physician Practice

What’s next for the physician practice and physician employment? Are we repeating the mistakes of the 90s practice management companies?

Why Inflation Destroys Healthcare Provider Margins

If they aren’t already, providers are about to get killed by inflation. How do those dynamics affect healthcare provider organizations?...

HCA’s worst Q1 ever

This first EVER edition of Hospitalogy dives into HCA's worst Q1 ever and what their earnings report means for hospitals,...