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Fintech Takes is a twice-weekly newsletter by Alex Johnson, a former credit expert who quit his job to document the future of Fintech.

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Catching Up on Some Fintech Reading

I finally managed to catch up on some overdue fintech reading this week, and, knowing that you (like me) likely…

It’s Time to Bring Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention Back Together

My philosophy for personal security is centered around access control. If I keep my doors and windows locked, especially when…

Premium Neobank. Discount AmEx.

3 FINTECH NEWS STORIES #1: Premium Neobank. Discount AmEx.   What happened? As you may have heard, Capital One is buying…

Fintech Franchises

Here’s a very rough model for how B2C financial services works today: Banks provide banking products and services to consumers….

PNC is Trying to Become JPMC

3 Fintech News Stories #1: PNC is Trying to Become JPMC What happened? Following in JPMorgan Chase’s footprints, PNC announced…

BaaS Follow-Up

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but the essay that I published a few weeks ago on banking-as-a-service (BaaS) generated…

AI-Native Loan Origination

3 FINTECH NEWS STORIES #1: A Mesh of Identity Signals  What happened? Mesh, a fintech infrastructure startup focused on B2B…

Reading Between the Lines

I have an unhealthy obsession with trying to parse meaning from seemingly anodyne speeches and documents. If I’d lived in…

The Digital Identity Paradigm Shift

Let’s start with some statistics: If all of this strikes you as A.) bad, and B.) trending in the wrong…

Has Apple Card Been a Success?

3 FINTECH NEWS STORIES #1: Has Apple Card Been a Success?  What happened? Apple announced some updated stats on the…