Workweek is a collective of the biggest B2B influencers — and they have incredible networks.

Need to hire? Let us handle it.

What is Workweek Talent?

Workweek Talent taps into the powerful networks of the biggest B2B influencers. From FinTech to Marketing, startups to public companies, we help you hire the right people, right now.

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What to expect...

Consistent Results

We streamline the entire recruitment process to take the heavy lifting off your HR and Hiring Teams. We keep things moving quickly and effectively with service guarantees including:

  • Candidate introductions within 1 week
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • A minimum of 50 sourced candidates & 5 qualified candidates introduced

Roles we work on

  • Executives: CMO, CEO, CFO
  • Director Level: Product, Marketing, HR, Sales
  • Product: Product Marketer, Product Management, Product Manager
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, HR, Operations


How it works...

For Companies

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We tap into the biggest B2B influencers’ audiences to find the best candidates for your business — no matter how niche the role. Then, we’ll help you onboard and retain your talent.

For Individuals


Looking for your next big opportunity? You’re in the right place. Join the Workweek Talent Collective — we’ll help you land your dream job.