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Bonjour Millionaire, I’m not a gemologist (don’t let my love of fine jewelry fool you). I’m also not really into…

Fewer, but better is the secret.

GOING-TO-MILLIONS WITH Bonjour Millionaire, The goal is to Go-to-Millions, not Go-to-Thousands. On our quest for riches, more is often more….

One Simple Tip

🧙‍♀️A SNEAKY 1 HOUR SALE 🧙‍♀️ I love a surprise.   Let’s say you have a new product drop that you’re…

don’t ignore this

SUSTAINABILITY PAGES I LOVE (WORTH COPYING)  1️⃣. Patagonia’s Climate Justice Page (the animation in the hero, specifically) 2️⃣. I talk about…

let’s chat landing pages

*I think you should TEST all of these angles. 10 different head-to-head battles, 20 different types of pages, 20 measurable…


Shall we talk reviews? Not in the mood to talk? No worries.  Perhaps a meme? The day I figured out how to…

products i recommend

🪑: The Target website isn’t pretty! Neither is Amazon’s website! FUNCTION > FORM. Anywho, I have 3 of these barstools…

is organic instagram important?

(FYI, Instagram isn’t dead and you best not ignore it).  Let’s discuss the good, old-fashioned fundamentals of Go-to-Market strategy. 1️⃣. Your brand…