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Blake Madden

LATEST News from Hospitalogy

Hospitalogy Choice Awards 2022

My picks for the best healthcare content and reads in 2022

Truepill, Cerebral, and the Virtual Mental Health Swamp

This week's Hospitalogy roundup dives into the poor state of the virtual mental health market and more healthcare news

5 Insights from Next Generation ACO Results in 2021

Today will be all about NGACO performance, context for results, and interesting data points from the analysis.

Cuban’s next target: Employers

This week's edition of Hospitalogy dives into Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug's move into the employer generics market and more.

Chatting up ChatGPT on Healthcare

I’ve been messing around with ChatGPT, a sophisticated artificial intelligence chatbot that has taken the world by storm given its...

5 Notable Observations from 2021 Direct Contracting Results

On November 29, CMS published the results for the 53 entities participating in the Global and Professional Direct Contracting program....

Breaking down UnitedHealth Group’s Investor Day and what it means for Healthcare in 2023

Today we’re diving into UnitedHealth Group’s (”UHG”) investor day since the $360 billion a year in revenue company can signal...

Amwell, Talkspace, and the state of the Mental Health Market

This week's healthcare news from Hospitalogy includes Amwell potentially buying Talkspace, Oak Street Health earnings analysis, and more.