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Enter: Walmart

Welcome back to another edition of healthcare news. Healthcare never sleeps, fam. Hospitalogy hits your inboxes every Tuesday (news roundup)…

Healthcare’s Labor Day Sale – Signify Health

I hope all of my fellow Hospitalogists enjoyed a restful Labor Day weekend! Lots of healthcare stuff to get caught…

The 22 Best Healthcare Business Follows

This newsletter is all about my favorite healthcare business influencers and why you should consider following them too. There are…

Amazon is just getting started in Healthcare

From the outside looking in, the headline about Amazon Care shutting down appears as if Amazon is calling it quits...

The Battle Between Home Health and CMS over the 2023 Proposed Rule

After CMS proposed a $810 million cut to home health services in 2023, agencies are fighting back. Here's the story.

Healthcare Bidding Wars continue with Signify

For my fellow Dallasites, you might be under water in more than one way this week. Apparently Dallas just received…

Inside the Amazon – One Medical Deal

The inside baseball of healthcare deal making and how Morgan Stanley sold One Medical to Amazon.

How Physician Enablement Care Platforms Fared in Q2

You all know that I love diving into the care platforms, particularly the affiliate based models (agilon, Privia, ApolloMed). Here’s...