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Let’s shop.

Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~.  In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand or a business than…

Copy Swipe File

COPY SWIPE FILE – SUBJECT LINES 👠: The art of the back in stock notification:  (Mind you, I’m not actually…

Swipe File – Ad Creatives

^ I made this for us.  The best brands copy each other. Why be original when you can take the…


 Let’s call this one: To Patagonia, with Love.  🌎 🌊 🧢 🌅 🛍 🌎 🌊 🧢 🌅 🛍 🌎 🌊 🧢 🌅…

BFCM Website North Stars

WEBSITE NORTH STARS: 11 websites that updated their pages to promote BFCM perfectly. I think you need to see them….

Le Gift Guide

A CYBER MONDAY TIP:  Leave your discount codes active even after your sale ends. Not for forever,  but for an…

a shopping spree

4 EARLY BFCM FAVES: Execution is everything. These 4 brands have pulled off their EARLY BFCM launches, and they’ve already…


^ Me reminding myself that BFCM is always hard – but always wonderful 7 THINGS I’M DOING THIS WEEK as…