26 November 2023 |

BFCM Website North Stars

By Ari Murray


11 websites that updated their pages to promote BFCM perfectly. I think you need to see them. North Stars, if you will. (Cyber edition).

1️⃣. STAUD: The opposite of subtle. We are in the most competitive time of the year. Upon landing, you know they’re participating because STAUD is screaming for you to know. 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it twice: BFCM IS NOT THE TIME TO BE COY! ⛄️

2️⃣. Net-a-Porter: The mega-nav has been rearranged! Sale has been put in red! The #1 slot is devoted to the sale, where the offer is listed in the naming. 

Net-a-Porter is a luxury marketplace. If they are comfortable leading with the sale this promentantly, please follow their lead. Also, rearranging your menu hierarchy is one of the easiest, highest-impact levers you can pull. If you don’t have your promo in slot #1 in your menu, you have time to change it for Cyber Monday. ❤️‍🔥 

3️⃣. Jolie: This isn’t on sale, but it’s genius. There’s a GWP (gift with purchase) that is advertised as the single offer for the promo period. That’s fine.What’s great, north star, detailed energy about this deal is the PDP has been updated to show the gift in the 1st asset of the PDP carousel. 

ADD THIS TO YOUR PROMO CHECKLIST! Update the PDP image to show not tell! Have it include the present you’re gifting – this change is a 0 dev change BTW. 🆓

4️⃣. Patagonia: Save Big is not what you’d think. Forever the North Star – and my single favorite brand. Sure, further down, there are holiday gifting sections. Yes, there’s a welcome offer popup. But, the hero homepage is reserved for good. 

P.S. Limited Time Only CTA just is in a league of its own. They play on the language of the weekend. 🏔

5️⃣. Olipop: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF USING YOUR POPUP FOR GOOD DURING A PROMO. This weekend I have seen TOO MANY popups that

A) don’t even match the BFCM offer

B) popup after the offer has already been shown to autoapply, and then the popup says enter your email to get the offer? That doesn’t make sense!

C) disrupt the shopping experience and offer 0 value to the shopper

This is an exit popup. Meaning it disrupts no shopping – it prevents leaving. Love that always. This popup isn’t trying to get my email. It’s trying to remind me of the wonderful sale. The offer! It’s offering me something! Be like Olipop. ⚡️

6️⃣. PAT McGRATH LABS: Forever the coolest. Hero carousel that flawlessly mixes drama and info.☄️

7️⃣. CALPAK: I won’t lie to you, I accidentally converted on this site LOL. I got this for me and this for Daniel. The countdown timer. 

P.S. I’m well aware this site has a lot going on but I’m also well aware that this is not the time to be coy!!!!! 🍋 

8️⃣: Tecovas: This isn’t fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. Holiday themed, NO EXCLUSIONS!!, and on-brand. Giddy up on gifting! 🐎

9️⃣: Youth To The People: My personal favorite hero banner of the weekend. Offer is clear, urgency is communicated, and the product is center-stage and ready for your shelf. 🪞

🔟. Liquid Death. A+ for funniness LOL. 😆

1️⃣1️⃣. Jordan Road Jewelry: Shows the product, states the offer, and keeps it simple. 💍