03 December 2023 |

Swipe File – Ad Creatives

By Ari Murray

^ I made this for us. 

The best brands copy each other. Why be original when you can take the original and make it better!

And, extra credit for taking ad creatives inspiration from outside of your specific niche. If you’re a skincare brand, copy skincare but also haircare but also your favorite fashion brand but also your favorite olive oil brand. 

At all times, you need to be running statics, and video, and gifs, and a lot of them! 


Recent additions to my ad swipe file for you to copy, too: 


^  This works because it shows GIFT WRAPPING (hugely important and a value prop on it’s own), winter (seasonal creative is essential), and is a great interruption from low-fi UGC. Sometimes subtle stands out, like now. 

P.S. This creative matches the website exactly. The journey is strong. 


🫒: Graza

^  19% off is a strategy in itself. Stands out, and saves a %. 


🧖‍♀️: SkinCeuticals (x2)

^ Same idea, 2 takes. The gif here might very well perform “better”. But, the offer is completely different. I’d prefer this in 4 takes. 2 statics (1 with the original copy, 1 with the longer copy used in the gif). 2 gifs (1 with the shorter copy used in the static, 1 with the longer copy). 

Same idea, 4 assets, quickly. 


🕯: Loewe (x4)

^ THE AD COPY IS WHAT WE’RE HIGHLIGHTING! Each targets a specific buyer, each is SHORT. Each is pithy. Nobody phoned this in. If your resources are tight (for example, if you don’t have as much $ as Loewe), ad copy is an excellent place to focus. Too often ignored! 


🌹: Venus et Fleur 

^ No overlay. No tricks. Just the product in-situ. When’s the last time you tried this? I imagine it’s been too long. 


🌄: Hatch

^ I’ve said it once and I’ll say it twice: I fucking love stock imagery and it sickens me when brands think that the only path to success is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on photoshoots. 


🎾: Self-Portrait 

^ Black Friday is over. I’m personally jaded by any sales that aren’t huge % off. Black Friday has a way of desensitizing all of us to offers. We only pounce on the BIGGGGGG SAVINGS. 

So, take a page out of Self-Portrait’s book. Instead of stating what the offer is, try just leading with your best products forward and forcing the click. WE DO NOT NEED TO SAY EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SAY ALL AT ONCE IN THE AD.

Don’t forget that every shopping journey begins with a single click. The landing page needs to take it from there. 

P.S. How chic was the Princess of Wales wearing Self-Portrait at Wimbledon?


🍅: Flamingo Estate

^ There’s a lot going on here. With the most simple end-card/ CTA. A great formula.