24 November 2023 |

Le Gift Guide

By Ari Murray


Leave your discount codes active even after your sale ends. Not for forever,  but for an extra 12 hours. You’d be surprised how many people accidentally miss your memo but try the deal and if it works, convert.

To put numbers to this, last year we left a CYBER30 discount code live (but converted the assets of the site back to evergreen) until Tuesday morning and made 6 figures from that code in that time. MWAHAHAHAHA 🧛🏻‍♀️


Shopify’s live, worldwide view: https://bfcm.shopify.com/ 👏


P.S. these aren’t affiliate links I would never do that and that’s creepy.

For him:

😁: Supergoop for 20% OFF (the only sunscreen my husband will use without complaint)

🧸: Garmin for $200 OFF (not Patek but it’ll do)

🗣: Mack Weldon tiered promo up to 25% OFF (I’ve been told the boxers are unmatched)

🎩: F1 Store $ OFF (Go McLaren)

🐊: Ring Concierge 30% OFF (for him to buy her jewelry, but cheaper LOL)

For her:

🦋: Aerie for 40% OFF (but I specifically mean get the sweatpants I linked because I specifically do laundry so these are avail to me at all times – I like my Black pair more but I also have grey)

🌺: STAUD for 25% OFF (the compliment per wear on this sweater line is favorable in my experience)

🪂: Eberjey for 25% OFF (I wear the Gisele Long PJ sets exclusively)

❤️‍🔥: The Skinny Confidential for 20% OFF (ice roller is the best stocking stuffer ever invented – this is my party trick)

💘: Jennifer Fisher for 20% OFF (I have the ones I linked and I thought I lost 1 once and it was missing for 3 months and then my husband found it at the dry cleaners when he dropped off the jacket I wore when I lost it even though I thought I checked and it was a welcome reunion but like Ari get it together)

For home:

🦌: Samsung FRAME TV for 20% OFF (getting in color modern teak because Jaz says to and I trust her taste / she saw all options in person)

📺: Jenni Kayne for 25% OFF (Hamptons candle is currently burning in my house. Stocking up on these for hostess gifts – crowd pleaser)

🥧: SMEG retro mini fridge for $400 OFF (no commentary required)

👡: Simon Pearce seconds for 50% OFF (a forever piece)

🕯: Slip for 60% OFF (silk pillowcases are anti-aging and these zip which I like because it sicks me out if my face somehow touches the actual pillow if that makes sense)

For health skincare and you can’t stop me:

📓: ARMRA Colostrum for 40% OFF + free gift (hair lifesaver)

📌: U Beauty for 20% OFF (my #1 is Plasma Lip Compound – in Universal)

🏁: Dr. Devgan for $36 OFF (eyelash serum that I would bring to a desert island)

🧊: Yellow Beauty for 30% OFF (the toner and the serum and the cleanser)

🍒: Promix for 35% OFF ( I ❤️ the chocolate protein powder)

For the love of the deal:

⛄️: Clutch Charger for 40% OFF (stocking stuffer for fam)

🥀: SELF-PORTRAIT for 40% OFF (that dress is specifically insane)

🌹: STAUD for 55% OFF (profesh)

🍂: WE NORWEGIANS for 55% OFF (I have this and the compliments per wear is favorable) 

🎃: LolaVie for 20% OFF (biggest sale ever for this brand – get perfecting leave in and glossing detangler. Good enough for Jennifer Aniston, good enough for Ari!!!)