10 December 2023 |

Let’s shop.

By Ari Murray

Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~. 

In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand or a business than to behave like a customer. 

With that, let’s funnel hack our little hearts out! Rimowa, you’ve been accompanying me to seat 54F for the last year. Prior, your luggage was #1 on my wishlist FOR YEARS AND YEARS.


Rimowa is much bigger than the paid ads they run. This is a brand with deep history. A retail footprint. A WORLDWIDE clientele. That said, Rimowa is TOO GOOD at Meta ad creative. 

It’s almost odd? There is no better take on performance ad creative in my opinion by any brand of Rimowa’s stature. This is my Roman Empire. 

Ads Library Link Here


Again, Rimowa shows up well around the world. Retail-wise, they have dozens of their own boutiques. Rimowa is also carried in some of the world’s largest (and finest) department stores. This all makes sense – LVMH took a majority stake in Rimowa ~8 years ago. All this to say, Rimowa is far from your typical DTC brand. 

And yet, they are among my favorite Instagram examples for ecom brands of all sizes. They get it. Even if your team doesn’t have the resources to animate something like this, you can still look and say okay – we need to make a new product announcement that shows the SKU and says it’s coming, has an asset that’s quick-paced, whimsical, colorful, is of the season (Summer), and shows not tells. 

They also are a luxury brand that isn’t afraid to change their bio to sell a specific collection. More of this! And, millionaire, take this as a sign to go check your IG bio and to see if it’s pointing your audience in a specific direction. If it’s not, adjust. If Rimowa can use that space to sell, so can you! 


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Rimowa Unique is my single favorite BYOB builder on the internet. Quote me.

I need you to please go build a suitcase (on mobile or desktop – it’s great in both places). This is so clean that it lets someone build a custom (hint: non-returnable) 4-figure suitcase online with deep confidence.

I use this Rimowa Unique builder as inspo for many site builds / landing page BYOB experiences. Steal it too!


When funnel hacking, it’s important to note what’s done well. And, it’s important to look for mistakes LOL. Even Rimowa is not perfect – no brand is. However, every brand can tighten up.

This is the delivery confirmation email I received when my suitcase delivered. 


I show you this so that A) we all go check each of our transactional emails RIGHT NOW and make sure that we’ve audited the experience and B) so that we all realize that North Star brands are closer than we all allow ourselves to think them to be.


The problem for a brand like Rimowa with scale is that it can all start to feel a bit less exclusive, less personal – as the brand expands.

A way to combat that is to let your customers put their own spin on the product. RIMOWA UNIQUE does that. As do the Rimowa Stickers. Collectable, identifiable, unique. Hermès does this well, too. 

The stickers here really look worn over time. That’s the whole point I think. A well-traveled look. ✈️