The Keep Cool Show Podcast

A one-time opportunity for promising climate tech startups to pitch investors to support their future. Each episode your host, Nick Van Osdol alongside a rotating series of investor co-hosts, shines the spotlight on a founder and their business. By the end, one company will be chosen as the winner and receive over $40,000 worth of prizes to help move their mission forward.


Created by

Nick Van Osdol

LATEST Episodes

S5 Ep4: Clearing Up Nuclear Energy’s Biggest Misconceptions, with Isabelle Boemeke

What does a model-and influencer-turned-activist have to do with nuclear energy, and why should we care? As it turns out,…

S5 Ep3: Mining Waste to Create Regenerative Feed and Farming Products

Has anyone ever told you to be more mindful of your waste? Meet the man who believes that waste isn’t…

S5 Ep2: Revolutionizing the Battery Manufacturing Process With AI, with Jason Koeller

How does a theoretical physicist studying black holes and the nature of spacetime find his way to the field of…

S5 Ep1: Julie Gonsalvez: The CMO Making Direct Air Capture Technology Enticing

Carbon removal wasn’t even in our vocabulary a few years ago. But now, thanks to companies like Climeworks, direct air…

S4 Ep12: How Energize Ventures Is Moving The Dial On Climate Tech Software

With demand for renewable energy solutions on the rise, find out how Tyler Lancaster is helping lead the way as…

S4 Ep11: Shanu Mathew – The Analyst At The Intersection Of Public Markets And Climate

How do you measure the impact of net zero targets and climate change on large corporations? Step forward Shanu Mathew….