The Keep Cool Show Podcast

A one-time opportunity for promising climate tech startups to pitch investors to support their future. Each episode your host, Nick Van Osdol alongside a rotating series of investor co-hosts, shines the spotlight on a founder and their business. By the end, one company will be chosen as the winner and receive over $40,000 worth of prizes to help move their mission forward.


Created by

Nick Van Osdol

LATEST Episodes

S2 Ep 13: Why Molly Morabito Believes in Direct Action To End Fossil Fuel Reliance

How do you show world leaders you’re serious about creating climate solutions? You stand up against an unjust system. Nick…

S2 Ep 12: How Charm Industrial is Putting CO2 Back Underground, Profitably.

In 2020 Shaun Kinetic had a scientific breakthrough. Now as Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Charm Industrial, he’s putting tons…

S2 Ep 11: Unlocking New Business Models to Align Incentives and Drive Decarbonization

Businesses that focus on deploying climate solutions have the potential to become the world’s most valuable companies while positively impacting…

S2 Ep 10: Jaeson Cardiff: How Clean02 is Bringing Carbon Capture Technology to the Consumer

Carbon capture technology has seemingly been reserved for large-scale applications, and widely unavailable to the average consumer.But how can we…

S2 Ep 9: Lacey Reddix: The Founder On a Mission to Solve The Global Clean Water Crisis With Olokun Minerals.

How do you solve a problem like clean water for all? When you can turn waste products into sustainable solutions….

S2 Ep 8: How Ecovative is Solving Sustainability Through Mushrooms

What happens when plastic, meat and leather become unsustainable to produce? You up-cycle from natural growing products like mushrooms, using…