The Keep Cool Show Podcast

A one-time opportunity for promising climate tech startups to pitch investors to support their future. Each episode your host, Nick Van Osdol alongside a rotating series of investor co-hosts, shines the spotlight on a founder and their business. By the end, one company will be chosen as the winner and receive over $40,000 worth of prizes to help move their mission forward.


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Nick Van Osdol

LATEST Episodes

S2 Ep 6: Framing Climate Change as a Massive Economic Opportunity with Alex Roetter

How does a VC investor turn climate change into a sound investment opportunity? Alex explains how he’s changing the world,…

S2 Ep 5: How a Climate Tech VC is Helping Founders Create Scalable Solutions

When you start working in climate tech, it’s hard to feel the same way about any other industry. And that’s…

S2 Ep 4: How Ample’s Cutting Edge Tech is Making it Easy to Run Electric Cars, With Levi Tillemann.

Climate tech needs public and private sector support. Leading the charge, and driving vehicle electrification, is Levi Tillemann. Find out…

S2 Ep3: Why Climate Core Capital is Investing in Green Real Estate And How You Can Too

Most real estate investors are unprepared for how climate change will impact their business. Owen Woolcock is one step ahead,…

S2 Ep 2. How to Carbon Neutralize Your Garden, With Chad Massura of Rosy Soil

How do you make gardening greener? You engineer a new type of soil. This is the fascinating work of Rosy….

S2 Ep1. How to Close The Funding Gap And Save The World, With Dimitry Gershenson, Enduring Planet

Despite trillions of dollars pouring into climate tech, there’s still a huge funding gap. So how do we close it?…