20 April 2023 |

S5 Ep1: Julie Gonsalvez: The CMO Making Direct Air Capture Technology Enticing


Carbon removal wasn’t even in our vocabulary a few years ago. But now, thanks to companies like Climeworks, direct air capture technology is being brought to the forefront of climate change technology.


CMO of Climeworks, Julie Gosalvez, sits down to chat with Nick about how direct air capture works by capturing CO2 particles from the air, why it’s critical to use the technology as we race to control climate change, and the challenges carbon removal tech faces in the quest to implement it on a global scale.


Plus, find out how and why carbon removal is poised to become a trillion-dollar industry in the near future.


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0:00 Intro and Background

3:45 Explaining Climeworks

8:03 Scaling with an Invisible Product

10:04 Challenges to Climeworks Buyers

15:02 Negotiating with Policymakers

18:07 Plans for Expansion

20:36 Collaborating with Other DAC firms

22:42 Scalability in Direct Air Capture Tech

24:49 Biggest Risks

26:21 Bringing the Individual Consumer into DAC

29:39 Economic Impact of DAC

36:46 Other Exciting Technology

37:56 Outro