01 June 2023 |

S5 Ep4: Clearing Up Nuclear Energy’s Biggest Misconceptions, with Isabelle Boemeke


What does a model-and influencer-turned-activist have to do with nuclear energy, and why should we care?

As it turns out, quite a lot, and she has plenty of data, insight, and wisdom to impart when it comes to advocating for nuclear energy as a climate solution.

Isabelle Boemeke, founder of the Isodope brand, drops in to chat with Nick about the common misconceptions surrounding nuclear energy and why it’s one of the safest and most effective sources of clean energy— generating more power than solar and wind combined globally.

Then, they dive into the reasons why support for nuclear power is the highest it’s ever been (but still not high enough), how other countries are implementing nuclear technology into their power sectors, and where the future of nuclear tech is headed.

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