18 May 2023 |

S5 Ep3: Mining Waste to Create Regenerative Feed and Farming Products


Has anyone ever told you to be more mindful of your waste?

Meet the man who believes that waste isn’t just waste— and why he feels that humans have a lot to learn from mother nature.

Michael Place, CTO of Chapul Farms, stops by the studio to talk about how regenerative insect agriculture is redefining how we think of waste disposal. After witnessing a hoard of black soldier fly larvae making quick haste of his compost pile one morning, Michael realized the insect’s immense potential to solve waste byproduct disposal problems.

Now, insect agriculture is a multi-million-dollar industry capable of producing alternative protein sources for animals and humans across the world by upcycling waste by-products from the ethanol industry into bio-fertilizer soil products (FRASS).

Michael discusses the versatility of insects as food, the promising future of insect agriculture, and the challenges it faces to widespread scalability.

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