Contentment is a weekly newsletter by Tracey Wallace, Director of Content Strategy at Klaviyo, about how to produce scalable content that doesn’t burn you––or your team––out. 

Every newsletter, Tracey will write about best practices, strategies and tactics she’s used throughout her career to level-set internal content marketing expectations, and produce high-value––and high ROI!––content again, and again, and again.

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LATEST News from Contentment

Yet another Google algorithm update

It’s important to remember that Google can always sweep the rug out from under you––they've done it before.

Embrace the chaos

Content marketing is chaos––that’s just fact. You can’t workflow that away. You can’t plan it away. You certainly can’t SEO…

6 [free!] content templates: one-pagers, briefs, outlines and more

Content templates, and clear documentation of strategy shields you personally and your team from burn out in nearly all cases.

How to repurpose content and stave off burn out

Content repurposing isn’t just turning your blogs into Twitter threads or LinkedIn posts. It's how you scale content production effectively.

Content & design team collaboration

Last week, I shared my blog UX component deck to help everyone’s design and developer teams build better, more scalable…

Content design > content writing

Blog post UX components to improve ranking and convert A couple newsletters ago, I revealed that one of my mantras…

Defining content responsibilities, packages, and timelines

What is your content team responsible for producing? First and foremost, your team needs to be clear on what it…

A strategic content compass to fight thought leadership woes

A DISCERNIBLE CONTENT PHILOSOPHY The foundations of my content compass In last week’s newsletter, I wrote in a near stream-of-consciousness…