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By Ari Murray,
A WORKWEEK friend.

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25 Websites I Like

There’s a particular thing I love about each of the 25 websites listed below. These are website examples that I…

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10 Static Ad Templates 🏴‍☠️

I think a lot about ad creative. I save a lot of ad creative. Our team makes a ton of…

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V-Day Emails We Like 💌

Happy Valentine’s Month! Love you! In honor of this Hallmark Holiday – I thought it was about time I showed…

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Tuesday in the Life

⬇ Horrible picture, great mango. This specific mango (Chili & Lime Mango) is my special treat whenever I’m in LA…

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The edit

Bonjour Millionaire,  The end of January is secretly my favorite time of the year. Not on a fun level –…

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Bonjour Millionaire,  Happy Thursday. Actually, speaking of which, I once told my boss (previous boss I should say), ‘Happy Thursday!’…

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Day in the Life

I’d like to let you into my life. Like, into my day. I’ll bring you into my work, I’ll show…

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Funnel Hacking

Tata Harper is not a new brand to me. I did, however, buy it yesterday for the 1st time in…