25 January 2024 |


By Ari Murray

Bonjour Millionaire, 

Happy Thursday.

Actually, speaking of which, I once told my boss (previous boss I should say), ‘Happy Thursday!’

I remember this VIVIDLY because he then told me that he read somewhere that saying Happy Thursday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Friday) indicates that you don’t like your job and you’re wishing the days away as you wait for the weekend. He then told me to never say that again because it makes him think I don’t like my job.

GOOD SHIT LOL. Picture my face as I hear this. I was scared, but I was also so happy it was Thursday not Wednesday LOL.

Anywho, I’m writing on official business on this fine and HAPPY THURSDAY!

You see, dear millionaire, when I 1st told you about Tandym, one of my beloved Sharma Brands clients wrote me immediately and asked for an intro. They slacked me, to be specific. Once I intro’d, it was all over. They signed up for Tandym faster than I can say Happy Thursday. 

Now, you may be asking yourself, why? Why, Ari?

Thank you for asking, dear millionaire! The answer is simple:

Contribution margin.

From the 1st convo that my sweet client had with David, my client was able to actually see and understand just how much Tandym was able to improve contribution margin for them — without my client really doing much themselves. Isn’t that the dream lol.

That’s the power of branded payments. 

Do you ever wonder why big brands reserve their best loyalty offer for cardholders? It’s because their best customers are cardholders, so the population is self-selecting, and — here’s the secret — the improved margins on the card transactions offset the reduced margins on the better offers.

It’s genius: Trade savings for value and watch purchase frequency go up. Ta-da!

So, when I checked in with my client to see how things were going, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Tandym was delivering in the same exact way.

Soon after, I reached out to David, one of Tandym’s co-founders, to get his perspective, too. After all, contribution margin is the hottest thing going, so it was top of mind for me and I knew to go to the best (David).  

And, I’m very glad I did: David showed me a spreadsheet that blew my mind. Made me feel like it was Friday LOL.

He’s built a full-on calculator that shows you exactly how much margin your loyalty program is costing you and how specific changes impact that. There’s even a section in there for how Tandym improves numbers, so you can see exactly what’s going to happen before it happens. 

The takeaway for me wasn’t so much “Hey, Tandym’s a really great customer experience, I see how it improves LTV” as much as it was “Hey, Tandym fundamentally changes a brand’s business dynamics. This is incredible.”

I don’t use the word incredible often – I usually reserve it to describe a new pair of shoes I want or to describe my weekend. 

When I tell you this is incredible – this is incredible. And, I hope you talk to their team and that they help your business. Because I need my Go-to-Millionaires to be millionaires. I want you to succeed and grow and for your brands to become household names. Then, one day you’ll sell your brand and invite me to your Malibu mansion, and we can spend our Thursdays there. 

Love you! If you’d like to talk to Tandym, please do it. Your Malibu mansion may depend on it.

Also, IF YOU BOOK A DEMO and are qualified, TANDYM WILL SEND YOU A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Wouldn’t that be nice to receive on this fine Thursday????

Good shit. 

1 day til Friday,