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Addressing the hard truths Here’s the thing we have to remember about discrimination – it happens a lot more than…

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Check this – 60% of new managers say the stress of their promotion was second only to experiencing a divorce….

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The Golden Nuggets Let’s get one thing straight right away – not all activity is good activity.  A dial for…

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The Weekly Kickoff I schedule the weekly kickoff meeting on Mondays with the purpose of setting the tone for the…

The Perfect Team Meeting

The perfect team meeting has the following: Values aligned objective(s) tl;dr: know the ‘why’ behind the meeting.  Have you ever…

inspire confidence when underperforming

Command your business The first thing to know when you’re turning around performance, especially when it requires more than one…

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The Antidote to Low Morale The first thing to know about low morale teams are the signs: The second thing…