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Blake Madden

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The Hospitalogy guest posting series continues with a great piece from Notable Health’s CMO and longstanding healthcare exec Dr. Aaron…

A VC-Backed Health System?

Happy Tuesday, Hospitalogists, The Red River Rivalry never fails to disappoint, and unfortunately Texas was on the losing side this…

Bending the Cost Curve of Healthcare Inequities: Investment in Primary Care, Communities, and Technology

Today continues our recent string of guest posters as I’m out on paternity leave and I think you guys will...

The Hospitalogy September Healthcare Recap

This newsletter will be a comprehensive summary of all of the major healthcare activity from September, for your viewing pleasure

State of Healthcare Services Valuations

Key Takeaways I took a look at forward revenue (topline growth) and forward EBITDA (profitability metric) to see how the…

BrightSpring’s IPO Comeback?

After filing an S-1 in October 2021, then pulling the plug on those IPO plans in late 2022, BrightSpring IPO...

A Data Driven Analysis of 3 Local Healthcare Markets

As I'm out on leave, today kicks off our guest-posting series, a benefit extended to members of my community, Board...

Opilio: Healthcare Data Liberation

Diving into the emerging healthcare data market and how Opilio wants to capture the long tail of provider organizations.