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Blake Madden

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Hospitalogy Year in Review, Part 3: The Rise of Retail Health and Non-Traditional Players

One of the more trends that struck me as fascinating this year was watching the utter chaos happening among retail...

What’s Top of Mind for Health Systems post-JP Morgan

What’s Top of Mind for Health Systems post-JP Morgan - Hospitalogy

Hospitalogy 2023 Year in Review, Part 2: Big-Picture Trends in Medicare Advantage, ACA Marketplace, and Medicaid will drive the healthcare landscape forward

much of what’s occurring across government health insurance programs ties into the vertical integration trends, and ties into where investment...

agilon’s no good, very bad start to 2024

agilon kicked off the year in the worst possible way for the Medicare-focused enablement firm, announcing a huge cut to...

Hospitalogy 2023 Year in Review, Part 1: Vertical Integration Dominates the Payor Landscape

The history and strategy behind Optum - and UnitedHealth Group’s unreal outperformance - is important to know when you contextualize...

CVS Health: Changing the narrative in 2024

Good morning Hospitalogists, I hope everyone is having a great first Tuesday of 2024 catching up on those emails you…

Hospitalogy Wrapped 2023: Musings from a Healthcare Content Creator

Capping off this week’s posts, I’m diving into some thoughts on the growing Hospitalogy ecosystem, including newsletter, community, and more....

8 Predictions for Healthcare 2024: What the Market is Signaling for the Year Ahead

Welcome back to the annual Hospitalogy Soothsayer Special! Parth Desai and I have been brainstorming over the past several weeks...