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Amazon’s New Healthcare AI Play

Amazon launches HealthScribe, Sanford and Fairview call off their $14B merger, Surescripts monopoly settlements, and more healthcare news

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The Hospitalogy Healthcare 1H 2023 Year in Review

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5 Notable Trends from Healthcare Spending Projections

1. Healthcare Spending as a % of GDP to hit 19.6% by 2031 In June, CMS released its annual projection…

What Healthcare Startups Can Learn from The Market’s Emerging Winners

While a cohort of 36 recently VC-backed public companies (Recent Publics) far underperformed 44 of their legacy peers (Legacy Publics)...

Healthcare Spending Projections and a Friday Shutdown

Last week, CMS released its annual projection of national health expenditures, containing historical data through 2021. Driven by strong 65+...