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Negative Network Effects

Negative & Positive Network Effects There have been two transformative platforms created in the last two decades: TikTok & Facebook….

Setting 2024 up for success

Advertising and upfronts In the 1960s, ABC pioneered upfronts. The concept was simple: In the spring, give advertisers a glimpse…

Advertising is having a moment

Advertising has caught investor’s attention  It’s not big new news that advertising-driven businesses have had really crappy multiples on the…

The fragility of commodity-type businesses

There are plenty of stories about SVB, the banking crisis, and what transpired the last 7 days. It’s safe to…

The Worst Part of Media Businesses

Newsletter businesses have gotten a lot of love in the last 5 years. Companies like Industry Dive, Morning Brew, Axios,…

3 Predictions for 2023

Three predictions for 2023 Three industry-moving predictions  My top threads My top podcasts Want to see something cool and make…

Buzzfeed’s downfall: is their business model to blame?

Buzzfeed is now worth $144M. Buzzfeed has Complex Networks, a Pulitizer-winning newsroom, and a household brand name. And they’re worth…

AI’s impact on the media industry: lowering the cost of production

AI this. AI that. It’s the future. It’s everything! Meh.  AI is amazing and will change so much of the…