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The Creator-Company Paradox

DEEP DIVE The Creator-Company Paradox Not so long ago, content creators were simply employees at media companies, i.e. journalists, reporters,…

Week of 11/30/2021: Perpetual’s Perspective is raising on Republic TLDR:, Jason Calancis’ media company, is raising another crowd funding round. The goal is set…

Week of 11/16/2021: Perpetual’s Perspective

Substack hit 1M subscribers If you don’t already know… Substack announced that they have more than 1M subscribers on their blog….

Content vs. Distribution

Content is King  In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay called “Content is King”. It was published during the announcement of Microsoft…

Week of 11/11/2021: Perpetual’s Perspective

Dave Portnoy is on a rampage due to this “hit piece” on him. If you don’t already know… Dave is trying to take everyone…