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Blake Madden

LATEST News from Hospitalogy

OneOncology’s $2.1 Billion Pay Day

The biggest M&A news of the week comes out of Nashville, Tennessee after TPG and Amerisource Bergen (ABC) announced the...

AI has entered the Chat

Diving into AI in healthcare with an emphasis on Clinical Workflow and Ambient Documentation

UnitedHealth Group’s: The Diversified Healthcare Behemoth Chugs Along in Q1

Welcome back to another edition of Hospitalogy, where I break down the latest in the business of healthcare across M&A,...

Healthcare M&A State of Play in 2023

Recently a host of consulting firms have released reports revolving around valuation, private equity, and M&A activity throughout the healthcare...

The $500B company flying under the radar

Pretty soon we’ll be looking up in a decade and half of the physicians in the country will work for...

The Truth about Hospital Financial Losses

Today we’re diving into a recent discussion I’ve noticed around hospital finances – non-operating investment losses, what they are, and…

Digital Health Funding Updates, and Cano Health’s Rough 2023

Rock Health released its update on digital health funding for Q1 with some notable tidbits, as funding has slowed down...

Vibes at ViVE 2023: What I learned at one of health tech’s biggest conferences

For much of the ViVE 2023 conference I was a fly on the wall listening in on interesting conversations, learning...