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Fintech Takes is a twice-weekly newsletter by Alex Johnson, a former credit expert who quit his job to document the future of Fintech.

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Rich People and Relationship Banking Don’t Mix

#1: Rich People and Relationship Banking Don’t Mix  What happened? First Republic Bank was taken over by the FDIC and…

Thriving in the Next Era of BaaS

An analogy that I hear a lot in fintech is the Wild West.  Every new thing is the Wild West….

Worst Headline Ever

#1: Debt Management, for Whom?  What happened? A fintech company focused on debt management raised a Series A: Clerkie, a…

What would you say … you do here?

Today, I’m going to catch up on some fintech news items that I’ve been wanting to share my takes on….

Plaid ❤️ Banks 

#1: Plaid ❤️ Banks  What happened? Plaid now offers real-time payments for instant B2C payouts: Transfer is our flexible platform…

Earning the Right to Win in Embedded Lending

Matt Harris at Bain Capital Ventures wrote the definitive piece on embedded finance back in 2019. In his two-part essay,…

The Tourists are Back

#1: The Tourists are Back What happened? A new fintech company is focused on treasury management: Amit Jain, the former…

Pay-in-4 BNPL Was Never a Product

I’m confused by Apple Pay Later. I know it’s a pay-in-4 buy now pay later (BNPL) product, similar to the…

This Survey I Paid For Says I’m Really Good at My Job.

3 FINTECH NEWS STORIES #1: This Survey I Paid For Says I’m Really Good at My Job. What happened? The…

Hindenburg Research Discovers Fintech

Would you rather travel fast or travel in comfort? If you were crossing an ocean in the late 1930s, this…