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Sharma- 04/12/2022

Happy Tuesday morning! This is something you probably didn’t expect to get, right? Anyways, I hope you’re drinking some coffee….

Sharma- 04/10/2022

Happy Sunday! If you’re reading this, hopefully, you feel relaxed, content, and ready for an exciting upcoming week! And for…

Sharma- 04/03/2022

Happy Sunday! I hope if you’re reading this, you’re feeling relaxed and cozy, and you have a Milk Bar B’Day Truffle in…

Sharma – 03/27/2022

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re feeling relaxed, accomplished, and ready to dive into the Sunday email. To keep the tradition…

Sharma- 03/20/2022

Happy Sunday! After hearing from a few people that the new format of the Workweek email felt too corporate, I…

Sharma- 3/13/2022

Happy Sunday! If you’re reading this email, THANK YOU — I appreciate you taking the time out on Sunday evening….

Sharma- 03/06/2022

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re relaxed, feet up, fuzzy socks on, and maybe drinking some hot chocolate. This is officially the…