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Ari Murray

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Le Funnel Hack 🇫🇷

Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~.  In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand or a business than…

The SMS Bible

Bonjour Millionaire,  I have many fears in life. Cats, cottage cheese, hair cuts, and lawsuits.  Maybe it’s the law school…


Once upon a time, there was a Monster. A Mother Monster, specifically. Lady F’ing Gaga. If we were going to share…

Website Swipe File

*in alphabetical order because I can’t choose a favorite.  ** add these to your swipe file!!!  🍎: Amina Muaddi collection pages….

Brand Spotlight

I see your over-produced $500,000 campaign shoot, and I raise you a disposable camera. Welcome to 1993 2023. Where nobody has time, patience,…

112 Acronyms

My husband‘s The Marketing Millennials newsletter is always fab. But, back in the day, he made a list of 112…

5 years

Funnel Hacking: OSEA Malibu 🌊 Twitter might call this ~funnel hacking~.  In reality, there’s no better way to study a brand, or…

Ogilvy ❤️

There are lots of great marketers that came before us. And, as always, the best is yet to come. My favorite…