Franchise Empires Podcast

There’s more than one way to find financial freedom. Most startups are doomed to fail, but there’s an alternative route for hungry entrepreneurs. One that involves far less risk, far more work-life balance and just as much profit. Franchises.

This is the podcast that gives aspiring franchise owners the playbook to build a multi-unit franchise empire of their own. Every episode we hear from guests who are building their franchise empire: Franchisees who started with one unit and aren’t stopping until they get to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands more locations.

Created by

The Wolf

LATEST Episodes

S8 E2: AMA with The Wolf of Franchises

It’s time for the listeners to “Ask Me Anything”! When does a franchise restaurant become a viable investment? The answer…

S8 E1: The Family Who Owns 78+ McDonald’s

Join The Wolf as he sits down with John Valluzzo and his sons, Michael and Nick, to explore their reign…

S7 E12: A Look Back at 2023’s Greatest Moments

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re taking a step back to take a look at some of the best…

S7 E11: The Portfolio Franchise Company Dominating the Home Services Industry & Building a Home Services Empire

Meet Zach Beutler, the mastermind behind Horsepower Brands, a dynamo company dominating the home services franchise industry. With a portfolio…

S7 E10: From College to Business Partners – Lessons from 5 Territory Owner Group of Ace Handyman Service

In this week’s ep, the Wolf’s chatting with Dan Giacomazzi and Artem Lopatchenko, two business partners in one of America’s…

S7 E9: From Motherhood to Magnolia: The Inspiring Journey of Magen Bynum, Founder of Magnolia Soap

Magen Bynum, the founder of Magnolia Soap and Bath, drops by to chat with the Wolf about how she turned…