21 May 2024 |

S9 E5: Mobile Station Mogul: Gas Biz Guy on the Future of the Gas Industry

By The Wolf

What’s the latest Twitter beef with an army of minions going to war for Gas Biz Guy? Is it a joke or is there legitimate beef behind the brawl?  

Join The Wolf as he sits down with viral Twitter personality Gas Biz Guy (aka Chris Hellgeth), a self-made entrepreneur who turned a ten-cent cigarette sale into a $100 million-a-year gas distribution business. They break down the secrets to success in the gas station industry, including the importance of value, experience, and building a strong brand.

Discover how the Gas Biz Guy built his business from the ground up, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities along the way. From cashing checks to gas station ownership, he shares his entrepreneurial journey and offers valuable insights for aspiring business owners.

The Gas Biz Guy also peels back the curtain on the little-known gas and convenience store industry, unpacking the unique synergy between quick-serve restaurants and gas stations and exploring the opportunities they can provide potential investors.  

And later, he and the Wolf dive into the evolving trends in the convenience store industry, from the rise of novelty energy drinks to the increasing focus on customer experience. Find out how higher-margin locations are expanding their margins by providing a clean environment and excellent customer service.



00:00:00 – Gas Station Enthusiast Dominates Twitter

00:04:14 – From a 10 Cent Cigarette Sale to a $100 Million Success

00:08:26 – Solving the Unbankable Population Issue

00:12:14 – Gas Stations: Profit from Convenience, Not Gas

00:15:22 – Gas Station Industry’s Value Proposition

00:20:15 – Buying from Distributors: Convenience Store Margins

00:24:32 – Cooler Products Dominate Market Growth

00:25:47 – Synergy Between Gas Stations and Restaurants


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