10 May 2022 |

Why a Successful Franchise Doesn’t Need to Cost the Earth

By The Wolf

Early on in his banking career, David Schuck realized he really needed to be his own boss. He picked up a low cost franchise and hasn’t looked back.

If you’re unwilling to give up the day job straight away, owning a seasonal franchise like Liberty Tax that’s really only on during tax season, is the way to start.

The Wolf and David get into how he picked up his first low cost unit, how he eventually went all in on franchise ownership, and how he scaled by acquiring other franchisee’s businesses.

You’ll hear how he still owns 12 Liberty Tax franchises to this day, using them as a stepping stone to open 27 Club Pilates centers, and why he partnered with a private equity firm to fuel his growth.

David also shares his long-term vision of building an empire worth $100,000,000.

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