23 January 2024 |

S8 E1: The Family Who Owns 78+ McDonald’s

By Adam Ryan

Join The Wolf as he sits down with John Valluzzo and his sons, Michael and Nick, to explore their reign of owning over 80+ McDonald’s locations as they dive deep into the fascinating world of the iconic fast-food franchise. 

The Valluzzos share their family’s deep-rooted connection to McDonald’s and explain their incredible journey to owning such a vast portfolio of locations. 

Discover the secrets behind McDonald’s renowned training programs, including the prestigious Hamburger University, and hear how they ensure consistent quality and service across their restaurants. Nick also discusses the challenges and rewards of being a franchisee, from navigating acquisitions and high barrier-to-entry costs to maintaining profitability in a rapidly changing industry. 

Plus, what’s the real truth about that infamous ice cream machine that never works? Hear about McDonald’s innovative use of technology and data management to streamline operations and drive success.

Whether you’re a fan of McDonald’s or interested in the world of franchising, you won’t want to miss these incredible insights into the inner workings of one of the most iconic brands in the world. 


00:03:16 – The McDonald’s Legacy: Continuing the Family Business

00:11:28 – Massive Growth Through Strategic Acquisitions

00:19:04 – Breaking into McDonald’s: Is it Achievable?

00:22:52 – Inside the Training Program at McDonald’s

00:29:52 – McDonald’s Tech: Proprietary vs. Third Party

00:34:38 – McDonald’s CEO Talks Rising Costs

00:39:38 – Success Stories of Former Employees

00:47:32 – The Truth About McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

00:51:51 – Efficient Maintenance Team Keeps Operations Running Smoothly

00:59:33 – Challenges of Passing on Family Businesses

01:06:02 – Early Riser Trio’s Morning Routine


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