22 February 2023 |

S4 Ep9: The Regulator Who Fell Into Fintech To Build A Better System

By Nicole Casperson

From medicine to regulations and headlong into Fintech, meet the CFO building a better financial system.

Alison Staloch is CFO at Fundrise, America’s largest direct-to-investor real estate investment platform, since 2012.

Nicole and Alison, dig into why a career in medicine left her cold, how she navigated a course through regulations and policy at the US Securities And Exchange Commission, and why Fundrise’s ethos for empowering its customer is her north star.

Plus, you’ll also hear the best piece of advice Alison was given and why Fintech outsiders should dive into the industry with no fear.

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00:00 Intro

04:31 When Medicine Fell Flat

06:34 Monitoring For Opportunities And Challenges

10:06 Bridging The Knowledge Gap

15:14 Building A Better Financial System

19:01 Being Bullish On Tech

21:38 The Importance Of Badass Mentors

24:34 A Dire Need For Diversity

26:36 Living Out The Desire To Make An Impact

32:40 A Message To Outsiders