08 June 2022 |

S2 Ep8: How Colossal Biosciences is Bringing Back The Wooly Mammoth


Ben Lamm is on a de-extinction mission and it’s no coincidence his company is backed by one of the original creators of the Jurassic Park franchise.

As a serial tech entrepreneur, Ben Lamm knew his next startup was always going to have a big impact on the world. With Colossal Biosciences, he’s doing just that.

Joe gets Jurassic with Ben as they discuss how Colossal is building tools and tech to help rescue species on the verge of extinction, how DNA technology can build an elephant, and how to raise $75 million dollars from investors including Paris Hilton and Thomas Tull, Executive Producer of Jurassic World.

You’ll also hear how to create an artificial womb and the shift Colossal made from academic lab to tech startup.

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