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Want a venture capital cheat sheet? We’ve got one: Just Raised. It’s a podcast, newsletter, and job board that keeps investors and founders up-to-date on the world of VC.

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SCOOP: HyperGuap Announces Launch of VC Fund

After deploying $21M into 9 companies in year one, HyperGuap is launching a $10M+ VC fund to invest in companies…


Future Proofing the Food Supply Masa Son, Bezos, and a Billion in Venture Dollars Plenty is a vertical farming company…

2/3/2022: Recent Rounds

Doing Things Media What They Do: Media company that owns many top instagram accounts like @shitheadsteve, @fourtwenty, @doggosdoingthings Why They Are…

2/3/2022: Chart of the Day

This chart is from a must-read piece in the WSJ about the valuation cuts hitting the startup industry. Main takeaway? The 2021…

2/3/2022: Alan’s Angle

Ubering? More Like Cruising SoftBank invested another $1.35B in Cruise, a GM-owned company that’s rolling out an autonomous vehicle ride sharing program, on…

2/1/2022: Chart of the Day

Non-traditional investors (mutual funds, PE investors, sovereign wealth funds) sky rocketed in 2021, creating 5,212 deals and $253.8B in deal value total. …

2/1/2022: Alan’s Angle

Domestika? More Like Intertionalika Domestika, the arts and creatives tutorial site, raised a monster $110M funding round at a $1.3B valuation led…

Breaking: Facet Secures $100M Series C

Facet Wealth, the disruptive investment advisory FinTech company, has raised a significant Series C round of $100M, sources confirmed to…