18 May 2022 |

S2 Ep2: Composer: How to Templatize Trading With Ben Rollert and Ananda Aisola


Templates! Great trading strategies can get lost in a sea of spreadsheets and complicated code. Composer makes it easy for traders, with a building block system that can be endlessly customized.

Even the most experienced retail investors can get frustrated with the endless amounts of coding and paperwork that comes with creating trade strategies. As investing becomes more complex, having access to a library of tried and tested strategy templates is invaluable.

Joe gets into conversation with Ben and Ananda, who believe, in Composer, they’ve created a product that’s both powerful and flexible. You’ll find out why Composer has layers, making it both approachable and highly customizable, and why you can be irreverent but still be smart with your product.

You’ll also hear how Sub-Reddits are setting the tone, Ben’s lightbulb moment, and how they’re planning on taking over the industry.

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