01 February 2022 |

Paul Becker, CEO of Art Money: How Art is The Key For Creative Thinking

By Ben Bradbury

Art is a divisive issue, but getting to know the artist’s story can help unlock creative thinking and break down barriers. Discover how tapping into creativity can make you a better strategist.

Paul Becker is the CEO of Art Money, a global fintech company empowering people to buy art through a win-win business model. He believes art’s ROI isn’t just the value of the piece but how it makes you think and feel, and how it can help with creative problem solving.

In this episode Paul explains why getting to know the artist, taking Steve Jobs as an example, helps to unlock the story behind the art and why that story can be a useful tool for your own creative thinking. He discusses how looking outside your own industry for inspiration and answers is all part of art’s power and how you can use it to break down barriers.

01:30 – Paul Becker intro

01:36 – The motivations that drive the Art industry

03:07 – The importance of psychology to understand the art world

06:30 – The cultural baggage and disruption of Art

10:40 – the true ROI of Art and how to use it as a tool for creative thinking

15:22 – The art of storytelling

20:30 – The importance of integrity in art and business

24:00 – The future of art, as per Paul Becker

27:48 – Interview wrap

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