08 March 2022 |

EP2: How to Build a Web3 Media Company With Daisy Alioto, Dirt

By Adam Ryan

Everyone has an opinion about Web3. But not everyone happens to be a media company building in Web3. That’s where Dirt comes in and more specifically, Daisy Alioto.

For such a vast topic, actual media operators in the Web3 space are relatively thin on the ground. Getting first-hand experience, accurate data on the impact of this technology and what it means for the media industry is a rare find. That’s why Daisy Alioto’s insights are so valuable.

Adam and Daisy discuss Dirt, the daily newsletter providing unique takes and smart conversation on all things streaming, entertainment and digital culture. Daisy talks about her background and shines some light on where the future of Web3 will and won’t take media operators going forward.

Daisy’s an absolute pro at building and managing audiences. Managing relationships is a high priority for episode sponsor Sailthru. Their platform is designed to build relationships with an audience who move the needle for your business. Find out more here: https://www.sailthru.com/

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Twitter: twitter.com/daisandconfused

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