06 June 2022 |

Ep. 8 Pipedream: A Moonshot Pipe Delivery Company


Pipedream is a delivery startup, but they’re not using bike messengers or Uber drivers, they’re using robots that will deliver you a burrito in minutes via pipes underground.Pipedream is GoPuff crossed with Elon Musk’s boring company. It’s building a hyper logistics network to delivery anything, anywhere in a city in minutes. And they’re doing it with bots running through maintenance pipes.Joe gets into it Founder and CEO Garrett McCurrach, talking about what makes a good city for Pipedream’s pipes, how to pitch this to VCs, and how Garrett aims to generate revenue while they’re first getting started.Stick around to the end to hear Garrett flip the interview on Joe and ask what kind of startups he would love to build one day.If you want to tell your story like Pipedream, you need to check out MarketerHire. Hiring is hard, which is why MarketerHire exists, to match your business with a top-tier marketer fast. Get signed up today and find your marketing professional atmarketerhire.com

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