28 June 2023 |

175 – How to Build Raving Fans with Tik Tok, with Ryan Boswell

By Daniel Murray

What insights could a college dropout turned growth marketer have to give about marketing?

Turns out, quite a lot.

Ryan Boswell drops by the studio to talk to Daniel about the lessons he’s learned when it comes to marketing short-form content for startups on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. His overarching theme?

If you want to build an actual connection with a loyal base of customers, then your content has to provide something of value for them— it can’t just be noise or mindless noise. Always strive to create content that adds some type of value which will be enhanced when people eventually convert to your product.

To hear that and more of Ryan’s insights, check out the pod.

0:00 Intro/Background

2:30 Using TikTok to Drive Offline Events

6:24 Short Form Content

17:00 B2B Content Strategy

28:40 Quality vs. Quantity

33:30 A Hill to Die On

37:11 Find Us

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