27 April 2023 |

158 – Scrappy Marketing Tactics, with Thomas Shields

By Daniel Murray

How did Thomas Shields go from writing a small pickleball newsletter with nothing more than a MailChimp account, a “shitty” website, and a few Facebook subscribers to creating a comprehensive sports channel where 50% of its partners are inbound advertisers?

By getting scrappy.

Thomas talks with Daniel about the importance of just getting out there and doing it rather than worrying about your brand’s initial traction, how to grow a newsletter audience, and why content volume is more critical to your success than anything else.

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0:00 Intro

3:02 Getting Into Newsletters

4:35 Growing an Audience

10:38 Monetizing

12:07 Cold Calling Brands

13:06 Creating Content

17:02 Recycling Content

19:09 Packaging Sponsorship

21:17 A Hill to Die On

28:30 Predicting What Posts Well

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