06 March 2024 |

Merit Beauty

By Ari Murray


There are a few things I really love about Merit’s Five Minute Morning set. 

🌹: The name of the set. I think too often the name of something like this i made overly cutesy. Don’t do that. The name here hits you right where it hurts (your lack of time in the mornings, and how this fixes that and makes you look perfect). 

🧙‍♀️: This is a LOT of products. Hefty. A set that just goes for blood and sells the whole house is AN EXCELLENT OPTION. Will everyone spring for this set? No. Definitely not at 1st. But one day, they might have enough trust for the brand to go exclusive. Enter this set.

🐬: Each product has the full availability to see the full product details. This is REQUIRED. It is not a risk to take them off of this page. It is a risk to NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH INFO. Hyperlinking is your friend. 

1 big miss:

🍋: Reviews. Each of these products is popular in its own right. But yet the set has no mention of reviews. Big no no. The reviews widget needs to be here. This is a bad miss if I’m being honest. Because this is the WHOLE HOUSE! Has nobody bought it before? Looks like that a little bit – because missing that proof. Worse, the set features so many SKUs, the brand has the right to pull in and culminate all of the iindividual reviews of each of these products. It could show THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS. MAYBE TENS OF THOUSANDS. Breaks my heart but so easy to fix so that’s fab. 

2 examples of brands that sell the whole house for you to take inspo from as you build your sets:

🔥: HexClad

🧸: Skin Pharm 

And, 1 BYOB for you to take inspo from (the Jamaica is my favorite part of my day and sometimes I have 3 a day I won’t lie to you) 🌺


PANGAIA FOREVER. File this under looks expensive / is easy to make. COPY THIS I BEG YOU. Look at the timing. Look at the words. Look how wearable it really feels.


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