02 November 2023 |

The 3-part framework I use to write compelling social media posts for my agency clients


As I’ve run the agency, I’ve had to get proficient in pumping out high volumes of content on a regular basis. It can be a lot.

And even more complex, I’ve had to learn how to train my team to do the same. Some of this stuff I just know through tons and tons of reps. But how do I take what’s in my head and make it into a usable, repeatable framework?

I think I’ve landed on a playbook. I’m revealing it today.

Here’s a 3-part, repeatable system I use to ideate and create social content for myself and clients:

1) Content Idea

This is probably the most ‘abstract’ part of this system, but also the most important.

If the idea or topic you’re centering the post around is boring, outdated, etc…

No hook or trending format is going to save it. Same idea as ‘you can’t out-market a crap product.’

I like to ask myself:

  • What do we have that’s worth amplifying?

Could be a unique piece of data, a captivating personal story, a hot take, etc.

Honestly, this part just takes reps and feedback to get good at.

2) Content Hook

Ask yourself:

What’s the best way to package this idea that will make my ideal customer stop scrolling and read the post?

  • Is there a notable number/stat I can use to catch attention?
  • Is there a way I can frame this as a story?
  • Is there a (tastefully) polarizing way I can frame this?

Create an open loop that your audience feels like they need to close.

3) Content Vehicle

Honestly, this is probably the most straightforward part.

A quick checklist to run through when deciding the format or ‘vehicle’ of your post.

  • What’s the best way to convey this information?
  • What formats are platform algorithms rewarding?

For example…

On X, long-form and video posts tend to be doing well.

Don’t algorithm chase, but be mindful of performance trends.

Quick one today, and there are other nuances that go into creating a high-performing post—but honestly, if you nail these you’ll be in a good spot. It’s all about having a simple and easy-to-remember process.

If this was helpful, share it with your team.