27 October 2023 |

Aha Media: Clear, Concise, Convincing

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The healthcare industry is remarkably complex. I’ve been writing about the industry for the past four years and I still don’t understand this enigma of a system.

The primary goal of my Healthcare Huddle content has been to simplify complex healthcare topics so that you can learn and stay informed on the most important healthcare trends.

The key word is simplify.

Whether you’re crafting blog posts, strategizing social media campaigns, penning copy, or compiling comprehensive reports, clarity and accessibility remain paramount. But if you’re not a writer or have no time to write, where do you begin?

In this article, I’ll highlight a new case study emphasizing why simplicity is non-negotiable in healthcare communication, dive into how Aha Media can streamline your healthcare marketing strategies, and share why you must use Aha Media to make your marketing not just simple but powerfully effective.

The Business Case for Plain Language

Executives and providers, with their profound expertise, recognize the value of straightforward language in making informed decisions. Their acumen is unquestionable, but their preference leans towards simplicity when evaluating digital health, workflow, or financial solutions. They aren’t seeking to delve into the technicalities behind a product; rather, they prioritize understanding its impact and utility, conveyed through clear, concise language.

Need proof for this preference?

A new study by Aha Media Group and Mantis Research showed that healthcare professionals prefer and act upon clear, concise, and convincing content, emphasizing that B2B buyers need plain language to feel confident in making a purchasing decision.

The study provided 150+ clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals (60% directors, managers, C-suite/SVP) with original anonymized content from companies vs rewritten plain-language alternatives, offering insights into participants’ preferences and their likelihood to engage based on the clarity of information. Here’s an example:

For the above example, around three out of four participants preferred Option B and would be very likely or somewhat likely to request a demo based on this description. Which one would you choose? I fall into this group that prefers the simple language.

Below are the key findings from the entire study:

  • 80% of participants preferred plain language communications.
  • Around 70% of participants would download a white paper after reading a plain language teaser versus ~20% for a non-plain language teaser.
  • 70% of participants would schedule a demo after reading plain language marketing materials, versus 40% for non-plain language materials.

It should be clear: healthcare decision makers prefer simple language.

So how can you, or the company you work for, achieve simplicity?

[Read the white paper here]

💡 Aha(!) Media

Aha Media offers B2B healthcare content writing, strategy, and training services with an intense focus on clarity. With 180+ clients and over 500,000+ pages of published healthcare content, Aha Media understands that healthcare professionals prefer and act upon clear, concise, and convincing content.

Below are the robust healthcare content solutions Aha offers that have been used by health systems, digital health companies, med tech companies, and life sciences companies.

Content Writing

Aha Media’s expert healthcare content writers use their expertise, SEO best practices, and UX proficiency to create impactful content that drives conversions, engagement, and visibility. Aha is a one-stop-shop for all types of content:

Content Strategy

Aha Media’s content strategy services centers around content auditing, helping you assess content quality, workflows, and performance—which is hard to do internally if you have multiple content channels.

Their 360 Discovery solution is an all-in-one healthcare content audit that paints a clear picture of all your content marketing efforts and outlines next steps for your team. Aha Media’s team of experts does all the heavy lifting by performing stakeholder interviews, performing site-wide SEO audits, and channel assessments. You’ll get a custom action plan with clear next steps that align with your organization’s goals.

Henry Ford Health System’s LiveWell team, for example, worked with Aha Media to help them target a wider audience for its existing online wellness gateway. Through Aha Media’s content strategy services, including a custom content plan, LiveWell saw an 800% spike in their online traffic within one year and converted around 100 users per month to Henry Ford’s wellness programs.

Content Training

Aha Media also offers hands-on content training and workshops that focus on three areas:

  • Healthcare Content Writing Training ➡️ SEO training, personas and identity pillars, storytelling techniques.
  • Social Media Strategy & Management Training ➡️ strategy analysis, channel-specific tactics, understanding your audience.
  • Voice & Tone Workshop and Playbook ➡️ custom voice & tone playbook, how to write in your brand’s voice, how and when to change the tone.

If you or your organization is creating healthcare content in any form, then being proficient in the above areas is non-negotiable.

Dash’s Dissection

Your healthcare product or solution could address one of the most burdensome problems health systems and providers face daily—but if you can’t communicate what your product does and the problem it’s addressing in a clear and concise way, you’re bound to lose business.

Doing so is tough, trust me.

Through writing Healthcare Huddle weekly and being on the front lines, I’ve experienced firsthand how messy and complex healthcare’s problems are—explaining these intricate problems is no easy feat.

This is where Aha Media shines—by simplifying complex jargon and presenting your offerings in a language that decision-makers and stakeholders understand and appreciate. Their strength lies in their unique ability to distill complicated concepts without diluting the essence of your message.

The best part of Aha Media? They don’t ‘dumb down’; they ‘clear up.’ They elevate your core messages, bringing into sharp focus the profound impact your services or products intend to deliver. In my journey, both in medicine and content creation, I’ve seen brilliant initiatives lose traction due to convoluted communication. It’s not merely about making content easy to read; it’s about making it resonant, relatable, and, most importantly, actionable.

Overall, partnering with Aha Media is embracing a culture of clarity. Their comprehensive suite of services, from impeccable content writing to strategic auditing and practical training, is tailored to empower your brand’s voice, making it heard, understood, and revered.

[Read the white paper here]

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