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Semaglutide: A Medical Marvel or an Economic Enigma?

Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide added another win to its books, this time showing significant reductions in symptoms in patients with heart failure with…

Medicare Advantage: The Golden Goose with Hidden Costs?

There’s a lot to love about Medicare Advantage if you’re a beneficiary, plan issuer, or corporation in the MA market….

Healthcare Huddle Summer Recap

3 JUNE 2023 Prior Authorization: Insurers’ Delight, Physicians’ Plight, and Patients’ Pain UnitedHealthcare’s last-minute reversal from implementing a new prior…

CMS Takes the Reins: The Big Shake-Up in Medicare Drug Pricing

CMS announced the 10 Medicare Part D medications slated for pricing negotiations next year, on which Medicare enrollees spent a…

The Unbundling: Is Blue Shield’s Big Move a PBM Game-Changer?

Blue Shield of California announced a new cost-saving drug prescription model that involves cutting ties with CVS Health’s Caremark pharmacy benefit manager—one…

The Wild West of Digital Health

The digital health space has become the “Wild West”: thousands of digital health companies have launched during the pandemic, with…

HealthScribe: Amazon’s Gamble in Clinical Documentation

Amazon Web Services launched HealthScribe, a generative AI service that can listen to physician-patient conversations and create text-based summaries or notes….

Neko Health: A Unique Twist on Whole-body Scans

Health tech company Neko Health raised ~$66 million in a Series A round earlier this month to help build out its preventive…

The Rise of Humira Biosimilars and the Adoption Challenge

AbbVie’s Humira—the most financially successful drug in history—said goodbye to two decades of U.S. market exclusivity back in January when Amgen’s Humira…

Navigating the Digital Health Funding Landscape: Insights from H1 2023

Rock Health’s latest digital health funding report hinted that funding in 2023 is on path to be the lowest funding year since…