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Mental Health Care in 2032

Mental health care in 2022 is good but not great. If we compare the progress of mental health care to…

Record-breaking Marketplace Enrollment

14.5M Americans signed up for health insurance during open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, a 21% increase from…

Akili Interactive Goes Public Via SPAC

Video game therapeutics company Akili Interactive plans to go public via SPAC in a deal valued at $1B (link). Chamath…

When Your Meds Become 10x Cheaper

Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy offering common, life-saving medications that are half the price elsewhere (link). The Mark Cuban…

Medicare Advantage’s Advantage

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans saw an 8.8% increase in enrollment this year, totaling 28.5 million MA beneficiaries. MA enrollment is growing around 10% per…

2022 Digital Mental Health Funding Takes Off

Digital mental health company Lyra Health had two big wins, scoring $235M in Series F funding and acquiring global employee assistance program provider ICAS World for…