11 October 2023 |


By Ari Murray


Reformation’s collab with New York City Ballet is really unique. I love it. Moreso, I love this CTA:

 ➡ Outfit your inner ballerina 

^ Your CTA need not always say SHOP NOW. I love the action symbol (in this case, an arrow) paired with copy that speaks directly to the visitor. Apply this copy example to your own brand’s CTA by using the arrow + the word your. 🩰


DSTLRY wins. Look at this homepage hero banner!!! The little figurine character, Mominu, presents the sale. Cuteness everdeen. This is how DTC brands can fight back on their owned sites on days like these. With a little lot of drama. 🌋

P.S. Go Amber! 👩‍🎨🌋


This graphic on The Better Bagel’s PDP hits. You could make this a chart (a comparison chart, to be specific), but would that actually be better here? I think not.

I prefer the use of negative space, the real-food comparison (comparing a spaceship like bagel thingy that has been engineered to be super low carb and super high protein to real, whole foods, automatically puts a health halo on the product – even though it’s a science project). 

Oh it’s basically just a little bite of banana but it’s a bagel! Works on me (the everything flavor is 10/10 even though I almost chopped my fingers off cutting it because I wouldn’t let it defrost because I was hungry). 👽


The best brand moments happen when marketing is synchronized. 

Example: Cult Gaia’s new homepage hero video is the definition of high production, on brand. This is fab.

What’s even better? The popup on site was updated to MATCH. This is when brand x growth comes alive. This is a very common mistake. A single version of your CRM popup that is set up once and then forgotten for forever. Cult Gaia gets this right on desktop. 

Reminder: Go incognito on your site right now and trigger your popup. Does it flow with your site? Is it from yesteryear? 🦦

Another reminder: See how it’s WINTER on Cult Gaia’s website (and in their ads)? Always better to be early to the next season than holding on too tightly to season’s past. YOU BETTER NOT STILL HAVE ANY SUMMER SPECIFIC CONTENT RUNNING!!! SORRY FOR THE CAPS AND BOLD! I AM IN FACT YELLING THIS!!! 


U Beauty’s Try Before You Buy program is SO CLEARLY SPELLED OUT. I truly appreciate this. Could it be stylized with a little more pizazz? Sure. Should pizazz stop you from standing up a program that can improve conversion with urgency? No. 

Deploy it. Then make it fancy. Growth > 🌹