04 October 2023 |

Day 17

By Ari Murray

I think a lot about ad creative. I save a lot of ad creative. Our team makes a ton of ad creative. My favorite ad style is the style that brings in the most money.

Hey, I’m a Chief Growth Officer – cold hard cash is what I’m after. 

So, with that, here are a few static ads that caught my eye that I texted myself. If I text myself an ad = it’s something I had to show you because it’s just 10000% worth testing.

Steal these styles, put your brand’s spin on them, and get them deployed without 5 rounds of approvals, okay? 

(Click each ad to see the link the creative linked out to – the landing page is a huge factor in ad creative performance as you know so study the landing pages pairing!!)

^ this is an updated version (For Fall) of this (For Summer) (Steal both and try a version of a collections style ad that is called SHOP and one that is called THE EDIT) 🧸 🍂 🍎 🎃 🍁 ⛱ 👙 🐬 🏝


^^ This is an updated version (of this ad that they ran all Summer long). SEE! STATIC AD TEMPLATES! (PRODUCE + PRODUCT +/- LOGO)

OSEA is running these 2 versions at the same time. A TEMPLATE!

(Comparison charts as ads work. IMO, try a version like the below with a lot of text. Then, a version of the below with the product like they have it, and then iconography and just a word or 2 as the description of each of your points). 

I use this for icons. (Free)

I’ll add another good ad example set of this format underneath (by Waterboy). 

The below ad leads to a landing page that has an UNLOCK OFFER STEP. 

Levain Bakery is running a FREE SHIPPING promo. This could EASILY become a $10 headline. Or a BOGO headline. We are stealing taking inspiration from formats!!