24 August 2023 |

How Intro pulled 2.2M views with this sneaky influencer strategy


Earlier this week, I did a case study on Intro’s Twitter/X social media content strategy.

[Check that out here if you haven’t yet]

And during my deep dive, I stumbled upon a post that deserved its own write up.

Nikita is a prominent founder (former Facebook employee, recently exited another consumer social app called Gas), and perhaps an even more prominent Twitter shitposter.

He also happens to be one of the experts available to book on intro.

A few reasons why this post absolutely ripped (to the tune of 2.2M+ views):

TAKEAWAY 1) It’s social-native. It also leans into platform culture.

Sure, Nikita could have gone the educational or promotional route with some sort of thread on ‘why Intro is great to use.’


Instead, he used a meme format to make the content entertaining to consume independent of the product. Regardless of if you care about the Intro plug, it’s still a funny post.

More B2B companies should think about content this way. Create engaging content that your target audience will enjoy, then find ways to work your product into it organically.

TAKEAWAY 2) It’s a meme that hits on a common pain point in the startup world.

Every busy founder’s least favorite phrase:

‘Can I pick your brain??’ (or some variation of that)

Thing is, a lot of these people messaging mean well, they just don’t have value to add that justifies a high-powered founder taking focus away from their main tasks to chat.

The meme highlights this. And it also highlights the ability for people to secure time with these founders + executives.

Great memes highlight pain points, and the transformation your product delivers, in a way that is entertaining to consume.

TAKEAWAY 3) It clearly shows the value proposition of the company for both the founders on the marketplace and the consumers who are able to book their time.

TAKEAWAY 4) The company is tagged in the post.

This one’s obvious. It allows Intro to capture a % of the traffic generated by Nikita’s post.

TAKEAWAY 5) The Intro social person (shoutout to Kay!) is active in the replies.

The 2.2M views is cool. But the interest the post generated (actual leads!) is cooler.

The brand account, and individual team members for Intro were active in the comments interacting with all of the people asking some variation of ‘how do I do this??’

Another example here. See how this got 59.7K views?! 👇

They engineered a viral moment, and squeezed all the juice they could out of it (both impressions and leads) by being hyper-engaged in the comments. Well done.

Quick hitter today. No need to overcomplicate this.

Highlight customer pain points and customer results with social content that is meant to entertain and engage.

This is an A+ example of the strategy in action.

And for these 5 reasons, this post is going in my Swipe File.

By the way, if you want to grab my exact Swipe File template I use to keep track of inspiration and never run out of content ideas, check it out here.