28 June 2023 |

The category is… talent management

By Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell

In Q2, I wrote a lot about managing talent and performance (and everything in between). Each newsletter fell into one of the following categories:

  • Understanding your reps’ motivations
  • Developing your reps
  • Managing change and rep expectations
  • Performance management
  • Hiring or exiting reps

The main objective? To help managers meet their reps where their reps need them most.

Let’s get started…

Understanding reps

Tl;dr – A motivated team = a more productive team = a higher performing team. Majority of managers know this. But not every manager knows how to keep their reps motivated. The 🔑 key 🔑 is understanding what drives your people.

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Developing your reps

Tl;dr – If your reps aren’t growing, they’re stagnating. The 🔑 key 🔑 is operationalizing growth through competencies and development planning.

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Managing your reps expectations

Tl;dr – the only constant is change. Yet, 70% of change initiatives FAIL! 🤯 One reason for this staggering failure rate is employee resistance to change. The 🔑 key 🔑for managers is readying their people for change while also reinforcing the new standards.

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Performance management

Tl;dr – You don’t rise to the level of your goals…you fall to the level of your systems. I think there are a lot of things managers can get better at, and performance management is a big one. The 🔑 key 🔑 is creating a reliable system for performance management.

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Hiring or exiting reps

Tl;dr – Having the right people on your team is so 🔑 key 🔑to any manager’s success. But not everyone knows what to hire for – let alone assess for it – or when it’s time to cut someone loose. 

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What’s next?

While this quarter has been uh-mazing, I am SO pumped for what’s coming up in the new quarter (aka next week)! 

I don’t want to give away all the goodies, but I can give you one hint via a gif: